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A bad application installation may corrupt one or more files, causing the .dll errors. Many operating system service packs and other patches can replace or update some of the hundreds of Microsoft distributed DLL files on your computer. Reinstalling the program that provides the DLL file is a very likely solution to any program specific DLL error. These are general DLL error troubleshooting steps.

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Out-of-date or faulty drivers might have thrown a spanner in the works and caused your DLL files to go missing, which means you should fix your driver issues as soon as possible. Dynamic Link Libraries (or DLL) are actually external parts of your apps that store important pieces of code.

Here to use driver update software will be a smart idea. If such a file has been downloaded, please delete it. Then, continue with the following troubleshooting process so as to repair DLL files issue.

What Are Dll Files, And Why Is One Missing From My Pc?

  • If yes, you can follow these steps for every application that has issues with the same .dll file missing.
  • Open the file and drag “vcruntime140.dll” into the install directory of the problematic application.
  • Check if you can run the problematic application after manually replacing the VCRUNTIME140.dll file.
  • Many professionals recommend to simply reinstall the Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 when having problems with .dll files related to it.
  • No matter what the cause, the end result of any Xlive.dll problem is having the game download you are trying to execute fail.

If you haven’t already, search Lifewire for the specific DLL file you’re having issues with, such as jvm.dll errors or physxloader.dll errors. We may not have information for the exact DLL but if we do, the steps there will be more dcomp.dll missing likely to help.

They typically show up in a small alert box and detail the specific .dll file that is causing the error on your system. These can be extremely damaging to your computer as they make it unable to various pieces of software or tools. If a DLL file is missing while using a hardware like a printer, try updating the hardware’s driver to debug the error.

DLL files are loaded into memory and utilized when their contents are needed by your programs. Error 0xc000007b and KERNEL32.DLL “AddDLLDirectory could not be located” errors are occurring for Halo Reach players. These can be easily fixed by installing the latest Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable files both x86 and x64.